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Radio Day At the Club House
« on: November 20, 2019, 12:20:28 PM »

   W7JQ Members

    During the last club meeting we made a motion and passed an idea to
have the 1st Saturday of the month as "Radio Day".
    The idea is that instead of just having a club get together for a chat fest that we
put an emphasis on working the radios. We will be making sure they are working properly, checking and
putting up or repairing antennas and also making contacts with the club radios
instead of just letting them collect dust.
    The emphasis will be on assisting "PARET" where we are able
to and to help those that are new to radio communications and not sure of how to operate the radio
equipment. Also to assist those wishing to study for and receive
their amateur radio license.
    We will also be working on the antennas, doing any repairs that may be needed
and installing any new or additional antennas as it becomes necessary. The same
holds true for any of the radios that may need some work or become available
for our use.

                                                                        Lyman Foulkes - k7lwf
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