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General Discussion And Info / Radio Day At the Club House
« Last post by K7LWF on November 20, 2019, 12:20:28 PM »

   W7JQ Members

    During the last club meeting we made a motion and passed an idea to
have the 1st Saturday of the month as "Radio Day".
    The idea is that instead of just having a club get together for a chat fest that we
put an emphasis on working the radios. We will be making sure they are working properly, checking and
putting up or repairing antennas and also making contacts with the club radios
instead of just letting them collect dust.
    The emphasis will be on assisting "PARET" where we are able
to and to help those that are new to radio communications and not sure of how to operate the radio
equipment. Also to assist those wishing to study for and receive
their amateur radio license.
    We will also be working on the antennas, doing any repairs that may be needed
and installing any new or additional antennas as it becomes necessary. The same
holds true for any of the radios that may need some work or become available
for our use.

                                                                        Lyman Foulkes - k7lwf
                                                               President - Burley Ham Radio Club 
General Discussion And Info / Club Repeater
« Last post by KF7SOV on November 08, 2019, 04:18:41 PM »
The club  repeater is located in Olalla  (444.100  tone  103.5)

Try and use it then give us a signal report. Members can post a signal report  here.
give us your location and an idea of what it sounds like.
At the moment it is running on  about 25 Watts.
The next step is adding an amplifier.
License Classes & Testing / Proposed Technician class in Vaughn
« Last post by N7CFI on August 26, 2019, 11:41:18 AM »
 We had originally canvased for a general class in Gig Harbor but did not receive any calls. We now plan to provide a Technician class to be held at the Civic Center in Vaughn. This class is proposed and will be held if we get enough students for the class and if approval to use the facilities is granted. If warranted, the class will start on Tuesday September 24th 2019 and continue for 10 weeks each Tuesday. Class start time is 6:30PM and end approximately 8:30PM. The ARRL  "Ham Radio License Manual" Fourth addition is required and can be purchased from or Amazon.
Please contact Thomas N7CFI at 253-853-1603 or Dave N7HT at 253-363-1692 with contact info.
Thanks and have a great day!!
I have various power supplies that are used for repeater operations ( General Electric and Motorola). They are in good working order but used.
Power supplies are not in a enclosure use it like they are or mount in a enclosure. Power supplies are for continuous operation at 30+ AMPS.  $75.00 ea.
 UHF duplexer's for $45.00.
I have several different size repeater cabinets. (make offer)
If you're in need of any older Motorola repeater equipment  I possibly might have it. Contact me with your needs.
UHF repeater amplifiers  various wattage's.   (Make Offer)
50 amp 5 V switching power supplies. $25.00 good for charging phones or any other USB device.
See pictures below click on picture to make larger.
If interested e-mail me.
Station Photos / K7LWF Station Photo's
« Last post by K7LWF on May 18, 2019, 12:54:12 PM »
My  Equipment to the right consist of an I-com 7300, an AT100 Autotuner and ClearSpeech.
To my left I have an old Radio Shack Pro-160 scanner, a 30 amp. switching power supply,  my Kenwood dual bandTM-D710G. Also from my old truck driving day my trusty Cobra SoundTracker CB (just to remind me how much I love retirement), and last but by no means lease, the mans radio that got me interested in ham radio when I was a boy, my father's last radio. It sits on the bench as a reminder of a good man.
Events / Field Day June 22 & 23 2019 Where and When
« Last post by KF7SOV on May 11, 2019, 09:52:23 PM »
Field Day is always the 4th full weekend in June.
We will be at: YMCA Camp Seymour 9725 Cramer Road, KP North Gig Harbor, WA 98329 . We will be located at the rear entrance on
 14398-14050 Thomas Rd NW Gig Harbor, WA 98329 .  Follow the Signs,-122.727635,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0?hl=en

More info? contact:  Lynn Neece at 253-858-9957 or KB6OKS@JUNO.COM
                             Wayne Williams at 253-884-4881 or

  Talk-in:146.55 simplex call W7JQ. You can also search the ARRL Field Day Locator for the W7JQ Field Day site.
  Anyone interested in ham radio is welcome.  Parents! It's a great learning opportunity for the kids to see what, how and why these folks
  are talking to other people all across the country and world using shortwave radios.
  Drop by for a few minutes or stay a while, whatever fits into your schedule.
Station Photos / KF7SOV Station
« Last post by KF7SOV on May 11, 2019, 09:13:30 PM »
KF7SOV Ham Station
Click on the picture to make it larger.
   Just a quick reminder to all the members that this Saturday is our General Club Meeting. Hoping to see you all there as we
need to discuss further arrangements in regards to the upcoming Field Day Events.  Please bring your ideas.                                                                                 Things that need to be talked about would the funding for the food, who will bring radios, who will be interested in spending
the night, who is willing to bring the barbecues and briquettes. Don and Tonya will be handling the menu however the
majority of the food will be potluck. I was looking for an e-mail Don and Tonya sent me in regards to the menu but I seem to have lost it.
    Don volunteered to do the cooking and as I remember they mentioned brats and burgers for Saturday lunch. Anyone that would like
 to have dinner is urged to bring up ideas for that meal as well as Sunday morning breakfast. Coffee and donuts would be nice so if
anyone has a large coffee maker please speak up.
   Wayne will be bringing his tower minus the batteries. Having a battery or two would be nice though not essential, either a car
battery or a marine battery would work. Wayne has also generously offered to bring his computer for logging in contacts.
   It seems we have all the needed antennas except for a 2m and 440 rig. If anyone has one they can offer for use for two days again
it would be greatly appreciated.
   If there are things I am missing in regards to Field Day please let me know. I'm still very new to this and wish to thank you all
in advance for your help, participation and ideas. 
   On another subject, I would like to have all the members contact Wayne in regards to  your username and passwords for the clubs
website. Wayne has built and maintained a very nice website for the club but unfortunately it hasn't been utilized to any great degree.
   As I am sure you all know computers and web pages are here to stay and seem to be very popular with the younger generation
of future ham radio operators. I believe that in order to keep the club alive we need to recruit new members. One of the easier methods to
accomplish this goal is to get our name out there and let folks know what we're all about.
   Photos of your ham station would be nice to start things out with. We can start adding things such as a Q&A page. Maybe something
like a radio forum were new hams can ask the more seasoned and knowledgeable hams the questions they might think are to dumb to
ask in public, I'm sure we've all been there at least once lol.
    Please think of some creative, out of the box ideas, even if it seems like a bit of a nutty idea it just might be the ticket that works. All
ideas are welcome.
     Once again, please contact Wayne for a username and password and lets get some product on the web and remember to come to
the meeting with thoughts and ideas a plenty.
                                                                                                                Thanks and see you Saturday,
                                                                                                                                                     Lyman Foulkes - K7lwf
                                                                                                            President - Burley Ham Radio Club
Field day / Field Day 6/22/2020
« Last post by KF7SOV on May 09, 2019, 10:12:38 PM »
Dear club members:

On Friday June 26 2020  at 11:00am . Volunteers should meet at the field day location.  Antennas and tower trailer will need to be set up.  Everything else can be brought and set up Saturday morning. We do have water and electricity and a bathroom.
Location is on the backside of camp do not drive into where the dining hall or front entrance is.  Address= 14398 Thomas rd. gig harbor
Link to google maps. ==,-122.7742507/camp+seymour/@47.3458776,-122.7276551,69m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m9!4m8!1m1!4e1!1m5!1m1!1s0x5491b24f0f586047:0xf1064f1a3609589!2m2!1d-122.7304171!2d47.345394

Talk-in:146.55 simplex call W7JQ. You can also search the ARRL Field Day Locator for the W7JQ Field Day site.

there might be a refrigerator available but no guarantees.  If someone has a small fridge they would like to bring please do.

Anyone interested in amateur radio is welcome to come.

============== Important to read =================
Field day is being held at YMCA Camp Seymour on the peninsula. They let us use this facility at no charge.
They do have a few rules that we need to follow.
1- We must stay in our area if you would like a tour of camp it can be arranged (See Wayne KF7SOV)
2- Saturday night is the only night that we can stay the night.
3- No pets, no alcohol
4- We are able to set up antennas on Friday starting at 11:00am
5- No RVs of any kind. If you want to stay the night bring a cot it can be set up in the greenhouse or sleep in your car.

6- and the biggest rule of all is to have fun.

please check back for updates. Have a great field day.
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